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Tag, round three: In this series, museum staff, artists, and guests answer a grip of questions about life, love, liberty and all that magic. The featured person then tags another with five more questions. It’s like transmitting a virus, but happy and fun. Up today is Nancy Jacobs, executive assistant to the director, tagged by Ken Ikemoto, school programs associate.

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Do you collect anything or any type of experience?

I have an amazing collection of stamps in my passport! I save my old passports just because the visas and entry stamps are a wonderful reminder of the trips I have taken. And when I’m travelling, I try to find small boxes and have at least one from each place I visit. I look for a box that evokes the place it’s bought, is handmade and for practical reasons, it needs to be easy to carry. (That being said, I have gotten on airplanes with boxes large enough to elicit a look of exasperation from the flight attendants!) My favorites are a mother-of-pearl box that I bought in Thailand, a beautiful handmade metal box with silver inlay I bought in India, and a box from the souk in Marrakesh that turns into a bracelet.

I also have a collection of beaded belts I bought in tourist gift shops. The best one is from the Trees of Mystery: my rule used to be that they could cost no more than $2.50; that will show you long I’ve been collecting them.

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