Maharaja Final Weeks: Best Times to Visit

We’re about to say farewell to Maharaja: the Splendors of India’s Royal Courts, so of course the galleries are getting crowded. If you’re anything like me, you’re kicking yourself for leaving it so late and trying to balance your desire to see the show before it closes against your fear that you won’t enjoy it because there will be too many other latenicks crowding the art. Well, we’re here to help you out.

If you have a flexible schedule, Tuesday morning is a great time to come. It’s our quietest period, so you may even have some galleries to yourself. We’re open from 10 am; grab a coffee from Ma’velous on Market St and then wander over for a morning of art.

Of course, Tuesdays are quiet for a reason—most of us are working. That’s why we open late Thursdays. Come down after work and enjoy discounted entry ($10 gets you in to Maharaja) from 5 pm to 9pm. Afterwards you can grab a bite to eat in Little Saigon; we’re fans of the phó at Turtle Tower, just a couple of blocks away on Larkin St.

If you don’t mind crowds and you don’t want to blow your budget, Target Free Sundays are the way to go. Thanks to Target, on the first Sunday of every month we offer free general admission, with Maharaja only $5. It can get busy so we recommend coming in early. One of our visitors suggests breakfast at Brenda’s (which also gets mighty crowded), followed by a stroll down the hill to the museum. Our last Target Sunday before Maharaja closes is April 1, so put it in your diary now.

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