Contributing to Treasures

Would you like to write for the museum’s magazine, Treasures? We are currently soliciting contributions for our summer issue. Following are details:

What’s going on?

We are interested in hearing about visitor reactions to Shanghai. We will publish the results in the July issue of our members magazine, Treasures.

What kind of commentaries are acceptable?

There are no restrictions on content, except that the Shanghai exhibition must be the subject, and we cannot publish material that is plagiarized, offensive, or libelous. What we would like are thoughtful commentaries that relate to the art on view and visitors’ responses to it. Personal connections to the topic are especially welcome.

How long should the commentaries be?

We would like either half-page (about 225 words) or full-page (400-450 words) essays. There is some flexibility in length.

How do I submit a commentary?

E-mail it to tchristensen [at symbol], along with a one- or two-sentence bio, which will be published with the article. If you have questions, leave a comment to this post with a valid e-mail in the post form (your e-mail address will not be shared).

Will all contributions automatically be published?

No, we will select the ones that seem to us to be of interest to readers of the magazine.

Will the commentaries be edited?

Yes, we will be in touch by e-mail. Authors will have the right to review edits.

Will I retain copyright to my writing?

You will retain copyright and right to republish as you see fit. The museum will have the right to excerpt or reprint contributions in its print and electronic materials.

Can I make critical comments if there was something I didn’t like about the show?


What do I get?

Besides the publishing credit you will receive five copies of the magazine.

What is the deadline?

Submissions should be received by the end of April.

3 Responses to “Contributing to Treasures

  1. yorke jacobson  on April 1st, 2010 at 10:01 am

    Shanghai exhibit: For me this exhibit composed mostly propagandist communist works. They did not elicit any feeling which I usually get from works of fine art. There was no “AHAA”
    moment. No place for any of this work in a fine atrs museum such as the Asian.

  2. Nancy  on April 3rd, 2010 at 11:02 am

    Well, the above is an interesting comment and obviously, one which I don’t agree with. I loved the florescent light screen and the two huge black-and-white pieces in one of the side gallery. I even liked the propaganda posters as pieces of graphic art. But I wouldn’t have the courage to submit a piece to the magazine so I’ll be very interested to read the pieces when they are published.

  3. idit  on April 15th, 2010 at 10:34 am

    Nancy, you always have such interesting comments for the blog, I’m surprised that you don’t have the courage to comment for Treasures! I’m sure you would have some great insights to share!

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