Art Making Hour with the Whole Family

One of my favorite memories from childhood is about a clay project my family and I did after a memorable visit to a local museum’s Picasso ceramics exhibition (this was when I had no idea who PICASSO was). We (mostly my mom) carefully extracted whole skeleton from a fish and made impression on a slab of clay and made it into a shallow dish. My mother’s colleague fired it in a kiln for us, and she inaugurated it by having a fish dish in it that night. I soon graduated to making ashtrays by myself, and those simple art projects with my mother set me on the path of enjoying making art (and now I know who Picasso was).

Here are some of the samples of art activities from the museum’s awesome Education team. My current favorites are Japanese Teahouse and Thai Spirit House making, since they appeal to my sense of accomplishment. For more fun activities, please see the museum’s family program page.




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  1. Nancy  on December 7th, 2009 at 11:41 am

    I suppose that I shouldn’t expose my inner child to the outer world but I made the Spirit House for myself and am in the process of making the attendants. Spirit Houses are a lovely tradition and I feel that mine graces my apartment. I sent copies of your PDF files to my nephew in Minnesota and his girls spent a lovely snowbound day making their own houses and playing paper dolls with the attendants. I am sure that the Buddha wouldn’t mind!

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