Hattori Hanzo

I saw Kill Bill again the other day and the sushi bar scene between Hattori Hanzo and Beatrix always keeps me rolling. It’s funny that the master swordmaker hides behind the guise of a skilled sushi chef. So I thought, is Hattori Hanzo based on a real Samurai? Yes he is. According to Wikipedia, Hattori Hanzo (1542–1596), also known as Hattori Masanari, the son of Hattori Yasunaga, was a famous Samurai who also was a Ninja. Hanzo was born a vassal of the Matsudaira (later Tokugawa) clan, and served Tokugawa Ieyasu; he would later earn the nickname Oni-Hanzo (Devil Hanzo) because of the fearless tactics he displayed in his operations.

Here’s the Kill Bill scene. Enjoy!

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  1. bittermelon  on June 8th, 2009 at 4:14 pm

    I forgot all about this scene. Thanks for giving Hattori Hanzo some context. I think it’s time to revisit Kill Bill 1 & 2. Good times…

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